About M.C. Melton

Mary grew up in Brisbane, Australia, the youngest of three daughters. As a child she was fascinated by stained and hand-blown glass. She would diligently save her pennies so that when the family went on their annual seaside holiday, she could purchase a different glass animal every year. The first and most cherished piece was a white stag that she named Shiloh. Her young mind frequently weaved fantasies around her colourful glass menagerie.

Years later, when travelling with her husband and daughters - she began a similar collection of hand blown glass birds. Again, the first purchase was a clear, whitish bird that she called Pover, a name which means ‘the little, poor one’.

It is not surprising then that Shiloh and Pover came to symbolise spirit companions in her first fantasy novel, A Watch in the Night. Her fondness for all they represented, as well as her interest in legends, symbolism, psychology and spirituality, fused together to create this intriguing psychological drama.

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