About the Book

A flicker of trust, a flash of truth and fear is transcended …

Doomeerie Castle is shrouded in sinister legend. Tormented by his father’s cruelty and his lost lover, Jockim—the

castle's master—is relentlessly driven by a stifling superstition that punishes with a harsh code of conduct. Talitha, a maidservant with a secret mission, arrives in trepidation with her spirit companion Pover, a small, unassuming bird. Together they hope to secure the freedom of their beloved stag, Shiloh. Being unaware that the stag is his spirit companion, Jockim has incarcerated him to fight for the castle’s revenue.

The couple’s initial frostiness is quickly melted by the heat of mutual attraction; however, at the point of igniting it is doused by betrayal and brutality.

A Watch in the Night combines psychology and symbolism, fantasy and folklore to create a drama with shades of spiritualism.

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